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Better Speech and Hearing Month

Can you believe it's already May?? Did you know May is Better Speech and Hearing Month?

This year for Better Speech and Hearing Month we are excited to announce that we have begun offering non custom hearing protection! For the entire month of May we will have Phonak's Serenity Choice array of hearing protection for presale. 100% of the profits will also go towards the World Partnership Walk. We will also MATCH the full amount donated.

Non custom hearing protection is a cost effective way to protect your hearing in all sorts of circumstances, including work, concerts, sporting events, hunting, flying, and during sleep. They allow vital speech noises to come through while blocking other noise so that you can be comfortable and still have a great time. Loud noise, especially for a lengthy period of time, can cause permanent hearing damage which is why we are so passionate about protecting your hearing. Once it is gone, it will not come back.

We have chosen the World Partnership Walk (WPW) as our charity of choice. The WPW is a group of Canadians working to fight poverty in Asia and Africa. Every spring, people across Canada register to walk and fundraise for this wonderful cause and this year we will be walking as well!

To place your order, give us a call at 780-244-4327 or email us at today!


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