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Custom Earplugs

Are you one of those people who find foam ear plugs to be SUPER uncomfortable?? Did you know that you could have custom earplugs made for various occasions?

We have a client, who had custom earplugs made for 3 different occasions, and we aren't mad about her color choices!

1. She ordered a pair for the pool "swim molds" to help keep water out of her ears. People who have trouble keeping water outside of their eardrum often needs these too!

2. She ordered a set of "musician ear plugs" which come with a filter. These can be used in a variety of different environments, but tend to be used at concerts, sporting events, bars/lounges, and lets be real... some restaurants these days too! They allow her to still hear conversation, and enjoy the music, but cut out some of the more harmful sounds.

3. The last one, is a set of "sleeper plugs". There is a lot of noise where she lives, and she has a tough time sleeping because of it. These are made out of a softer material so they are still comfortable through the night.

We are so lucky to be able to to put smiles on our patient’s faces with these fun, colorful and very personalized #earmolds and #earplugs! How cute! Need some Customized Ear molds or plugs? Call us today and book an appointment!

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