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Financial Assistance

Although we are always happy to work within your budget,

we understand that hearing aids can be an unexpected expense.

Below we have listed several financing options that you may be eligible for.

Click on the name of each option for more information!


You may have coverage for hearing services with private insurance. Every policy is different!

Check in with your insurance provider to see what they cover. Many private insurers do not allow hearing services to be direct billed.


Residents of Alberta may be eligible for some coverage for hearing aids. This is dependent upon your age and yearly taxable income, Details and application forms can be found on the AADL website.


If you are currently serving in the RCMP or CAF, you may qualify for hearing health coverage. You may also be eligible if you have served in the past and are a veteran.


Authorized to provide hearing aid services on behalf of The Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta, WorkSafe BC, Saskatchewan Worker's Compensation Board, and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Ontario.


Non-Insured Health Benefits may cover hearing health services for NIHB eligible clients.


The Edmonton Chapter of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association offers assistance if you require hearing aids. They also offer a scholarship!

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