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Hearing Loss

Did you know that noise induced hearing loss is irreversible? But also preventable?

We can get noise related damage from
a variety of activities, such as:
  • listening to loud music

  • concerts

  • sporting events

  • working in loud factories

  • construction

  • working with heavy equipment

  • riding motor bikes

  • driving louder cars (yes, we are talking about our Italian
    and German toys #Lamborghini #Ferrari #Porche #BMW

  • loud pubs/bars/restaurants/clubs

  • lawn mowers

  • group workouts with loud music


So what can you do?

We don't want you to eliminate these activities, but rather protect your hearing from being damaged due to noise by using hearing protection.


However, if you are attending a sporting event, a concert, or working such jobs as a DJ,

musician or bartender you still want to be able to hear people as well as and the sounds around

you. By using musician earplugs, which have a filter,we can save your ears from

noise related damage.


Here at The Audiology Clinic Edmonton we LOVE to talk about hearing protection! Call us if you have any questions!

A comparison of ear hair cells before and after loud sound exposure - the hairs are noticeably damaged after exposure

If you are working in noisy environments, you typically would want to reduce as much noise as possible. This would mean using hearing protection that has NO FILTER, thus keeping as much sound out as possible.

What is noise related damage? And why is it irreversible?

The sound enters your ear, and makes its way to your brain by passing the structure known as the cochlea. Inside the cochlea we are born with thousands of hair cells inside which can be damaged by a variety of things such as:


  • noise

  • head injury

  • age

  • virus

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