Hearing Protection

Non custom hearing protection is a cost effective way to protect your hearing in all sorts of circumstances, including work, concerts, sporting events, hunting, flying, and during sleep.

They allow vital speech noises to come through while blocking other noise so that you can be comfortable and still have a great time.

Loud noise, especially for a lengthy period of time, can cause permanent hearing damage which is why we are so passionate about protecting your hearing. Once it is gone, it will not come back.

Which one is right for you?


Ideal for use at :

  • music events

  • concerts

  • group fitness classes

  • sporting events

  • work - particularly when in a loud environment, but hearing people is still required (photographer, videographer, dentist, dental hygienist, nurse, teachers etc.)

** Brings sound down to a safe level so you can enjoy music's original sound without hurting your hearing


Ideal for use when:

  • riding a motorcycle

  • riding in a sports vehicle

  • attending racing events


Ideal for use when:

  • gardening

  • mowing the lawn

  • leaf blowing

  • snow blowing

  • DIY activities

  • home renovations


Ideal for:

  • shift workers with different sleep schedules

  • someone who's partner snores ;)


Ideal for use when:

  • travelling

  • on an airplane

  • reading

  • studying

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