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Worried Your Child Has A Hearing Loss?

Have you noticed recently that your child has been less attentive, or hasn't been responding when they should? Do they often ask you to repeat yourself, or turn the TV up loud? Realizing that your child may have a hearing loss can be scary, and you probably have a lot of questions. Don't worry - we are here to help.

It's very important to seek help quickly if you suspect that your child does have a hearing loss. Hearing is very important for speech and language development, particularly when children are very young. In addition to development, if your child isn't hearing as they should, they are also missing vital information in the classroom.

The longer they struggle to hear, the more difficult it will be for them to catch up.

If you suspect your child may have a hearing loss, the first step is to take them to see an Audiologist. The Audiologist will test your child's hearing, as well as their ear middle ear function. They can let you know what steps you may need to take next, and if it's beneficial for your child to have hearing aids.

If your child does need a hearing aid, the Audiologist will go over all the best options available. Usually, the child can choose their hearing aid and earmold colour! Special stickers for their hearing aids may also be available. These are a few ways to make the process fun and exciting for your child.

Once they are fit with the hearing aid, it's important to include wearing it as part of their routine. While they are getting used to it, encourage them to wear it as often as they can. Try to increase their wear time of the hearing aid until they are able to put it on first thing in the morning and take it out right before bed. Be patient! Encourage them when they put in their hearing aids successfully,

The Audiologist will also explain and demonstrate how to keep your child's hearing aids clean. This is very important for them to function well! This is an activity you and your child can do together to make sure they are hearing everything they should be.

Be sure to attend any follow ups the Audiologist schedules for your child! This way they can monitor the fit of the hearing aid as your child grows and make adjustments if their hearing changes.

Talk to your child's teacher to see if they can educate their classroom on hearing loss and hearing aids! You can educate your child on what their hearing aids do so they can talk to their peers about them as well. There are many stories out there that feature hard of hearing people that can make great role models for your children. Let them know that hearing aids don't need to be a barrier for them.

Do you have questions about hearing loss and your child? We would love to chat! Reach us at 780-244-4327 or


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