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World Hearing Day

March 3rd is World Hearing Day!!

We encourage you to use this as a reminder of how important our hearing health is. It often goes overlooked, and in the long run ends up causing more harm.

Did you know that Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) causes permanent damage to our inner hair cells? Once those hair cells are damaged, they cannot rejuvenate (at least not yet). So we really want to protect our hearing from loud noises. Their are so many options available now a days! We would love to show you!

Did you know that early identification and intervention can make the process easier? There are 2 things we always want our clients to be aware of:

a) brain plasticity - the longer you wait to aid your ears, the harder it is to get used to the real world sounds

b) clarity - how clearly we are able to hear words is not determined by the hearing device we purchase, but rather determined by how our brain understands sounds. It is inevitable that with age our clarity will deteriorate, however the research shows that by intervening sooner, we can slow that process down, thus hearing clear sounds for a longer period of time in our lives.

Make today the day that your hearing becomes a priority! It's always good to have a baseline assessment done. #worldhearingday #saveyourears

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