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Dementia and Hearing Loss

Did you know that there is a connection between Dementia and Hearing Loss?

SAC-OAC (Speech Language and Audiology Canada) recently released a position statement about this:

""Hearing loss is also highly prevalent among individuals with dementia (Lin, Ferrucci, et al., 2011; Yamasoba et al., 2013) and has a negative impact on communication and cognition. The presence of hearing loss in older adults has been associated with an increased risk of developing dementia (Lin, Ferrucci, et al., 2011; Lin, Metter, et al., 2011). Some interventions for hearing loss, such as hearing aid use, have been shown to slow the progression of cognitive decline (Deal et al., 2015; Pichora-Fuller, 2014). The validity of cognitive assessments can be impacted by hearing loss; therefore, health-care professionals must be informed of an individual’s auditory status in advance of these assessments". (

Read the full position statement below at:

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