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YEG Festival Season & Communication Strategies

As festival season continues in the wonderful city of ours, we, here at The Audiology Clinic Edmonton, encourage you to go out and enjoy every moment of it!

So, let's take a little extra care of our health!

More sunscreen, more water and make sure we protect our ears!

Loud sounds coming from those wonderful musicians/actors which will hit the stage for K-Days, Taste of Edmonton, Folk Festival, Heritage Days, Latin Festival, Shakespeare Festival, Carribean Arts Festival and the Fringe Festival (just to name a few), while beautiful, will be loud. Please make sure you protect your ears from irreversible noise induced hearing loss.

HOWEVER, there are other challenges presented under these circumstances as well. Being in loud and outdoor environments means it is also difficult for us to hear conversation! Here are some tips to help you, whether you are hearing impaired or not, to hear conversations with your family, friends and loved ones!

1. ATTENTION - make sure you have the attention of the person who you are speaking with

2. FACE THEM - make sure the person you are speaking to is able to see your face

3. LIGHTING - make sure you have enough light on your face, so that the other person is able to read your lips if necessary

4. CONSIDERATE - be considerate of your environment, if you are able to move to a quieter place while having the conversation it is always helpful. Give the person the topic of conversation so they are able to fill in the blanks in case they missed, or misheard something.

5. SPEAK SLOWLY - slow down your speech so that the person you are speaking with can follow your lips while you speak

This is a VERY SHORT list of some strategies you can use to help with communication! We hope it helps a little!!!!

Now go an enjoy the best city to enjoy summer festivals in!!!! (Well, we think so!)

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