Bluetooth Pairing Guides

Technology allows us to do some amazing things in 2022, including streaming audio directly to your hearing aids using Bluetooth! First things first - how do I pair these things to my phone? This can be difficult, especially if you've never had to do it before!

Below are some guides to help you pair your hearing aids to your phone based on which type of hearing aids you have, and what phone you have. We have also included phone numbers for each hearing aid brand's support line - call them if you're having any Bluetooth troubles!

Do you have PHONAK Hearing Aids?

Phonak Iphone Guide

Phonak Android Guide

Phonak Support Line - 1-800-679-4871 ext. 3

Do you have OTICON Hearing Aids?

Oticon Guide

Contains both Android and iPhone Guides

Oticon Support Line - 1-855-400-9766

Do you have RESOUND Hearing Aids?

Resound iPhone Guide

Resound Android Guide

Resound Support Line - 1-888-735-4237

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