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Black History Month!

It is Black History Month, and we would love to celebrate some African-American notables who triumphed over hearing impairment.

1.Whoopi Goldberg- Oscar-winning actress, comedienne and activist has a hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises for long periods of times. She has collaborated with Starkey Hearing Foundation, and wears hearing aids. She advises to wear your hearing aids if necessary and to take care of your hearing

Claudia Gordon- is the first Deaf Black Female attorney in the United States. She provides direct representation for poor Deaf Persons particularly members of minority groups. She was the vice president of the National Black Deaf Advocates.

3.Andrew Foster- Known as "The Father of Deaf" of Africa, is the first African American deaf person to earn his Bachelor’s Degree from Gallaudet University. He also founded the first school for the deaf in Africa and went on to establish 31 more.

Hearing loss does not discriminate. Anyone can be subject to hearing loss regardless of race, culture, age gender or background. Although anyone can experience hearing loss it is important to create positive changes and provide support for those experiencing it.



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