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Normal aging vs Dementia

We are fortunate to have a longer life expectancy. However, this means that there is a greater chance for us to develop some form of dementia. Like with hearing loss, it is often identified late, and if identified early we tend to be in denial.

Today we attended a pre-recorded webinar by Dr. Barbara Weinstein, PhD, who shared a chart with us, as per Alzheimer's Society of Canada, identifying the difference between what we can consider to be part of the "normal aging" process vs "dementia".

While hearing loss is not a direct cause of dementia, we do know there is a strong correlation between both. We know that increased audibility equals an increase in engagement. And we know that an increase in engagement helps to delay the onset of dementia. Therefore, as we always have preached, early intervention is crucial.

During this time, we are all practicing physical distancing, but it is important to continue to remain engaged. Engage in activities such as reading, learning something new, engaging with friends and family often, going for a walk (keeping your distance), enjoy a home workout or yoga. The more we do to remain engaged the better it is for our brain and our quality of life!


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