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World Hearing Day: Hearing care for ALL!

The theme of world Hearing Day 2021 is .... Hearing Care For All! This year we want to focus on some key parts which include :

1. Having good hearing and communication is important at all different stages of life.

2. Protection against loud noises, and good ear care practices can greatly help you in avoiding hearing loss and other ear related diseases!

3. Hearing Loss can be assisted if it is addressed in a timely fashion and appropriate steps for care are taken.

4. People who are in situations or environments where there is a risk of hearing loss should check their hearing regularly.

5. People who have a hearing loss should see a health care professional for care and help !

The number of people who live with unaddressed hearing loss and ear disease is substantially large. It is important to bring awareness to the topic of early intervention to prevent and address hearing loss across the life course. Hearing Loss can affect your quality of life and can contribute to many other health problems. It is essential to be cautious of this and to take good care of your health.


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