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World Partnership Walk

Meet our walking team for the Audiology Clinic Edmonton! This past week we walked over 100km to raise money for the World Partnership Walk. Thank you for your support! With your help, we raised $1000!

What is the World Partnership Walk?

The World Partnership Walk (WPW) was founded in Vancouver in 1985 by women who wanted to raise funds to support the Aga Khan Foundation of Canada, which fights poverty on many fronts. These women were all from Asia or Africa and wanted to help the communities they had come from. 37 years later, the WPW has expanded to 10 cities cross Canada and has raised more than $130 million for those in need!

Every spring, Canadians begin fundraising for the WPW - you can make your own team and fundraise as a group! This is a great way to raise awareness in your workplace or among your friends and family. The campaign culminates in a walk in 10 cities across Canada, although this year, due to COVID, we walked on our own!

It's more than just a walk - the World Partnership Walk also helps Canadians build their knowledge about global poverty and inspires them to take action. The donations gained through the WPW are used to help communities in Asia and Africa for the short term, while also trying to find a lasting solution to global poverty.

Want to help? Find more information on the World Partnership Walk website!


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