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How can you protect your hearing at concerts?

You don't have to give up concerts and outdoor events to prevent hearing loss! There are steps you can take to help you enjoy these events safely.

Outdoor concerts are one thing we all look forward to every summer. It's a chance to meet up with friends, enjoy our short summer, and discover new music. Hearing loss is the last thing on our minds when we're out having fun, but it's important to consider. Hearing damage cannot be reversed but luckily it is preventable.

So what can you do to prevent permanent damage?

1. Wear hearing protection!

Whether you use fancy headphones or just earplugs, blocking the loudest of the noise will help. Good protection will still allow you to enjoy the music. Over the ear headphones can be better for children, who are more susceptible for long term hearing damage.

2. Don't stand too close to the speakers!

Sound waves diminish the farther you are away from the source, so you will be safer the farther away you stand. You should aim to be at least 25ft away from the speakers, although there are apps available to check the sound levels where you are.

3. Take breaks!

Your ears need to take a rest too in order to heal from the loud noise. Try to take a short break every hour, even if it's just a bathroom break.

Your ears will thank you!


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