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YEG's Cheerleader

If you don't know him, his name is Dallas Smith. He has to be one of Edmonton's biggest cheerleaders. I had the honor of meeting Dallas a few years ago at a spin studio here in Edmonton. He was always such a supporter of so many local businesses and business owners and lucky for me, a supporter of mine!

I was so excited when he told me it was time to have his hearing checked, and that he wanted me to be his audiologist! He came in yesterday, not sure of what to expect but was such a great client! We took this photo together at the end of our appointment, and here is a little note he left for us when he posted this photo on Instagram!

#Repost @dallaslsmith "I learned a lot about hearing today with Ruhee at her clinic @yeg_audiology This was my first hearing test ever. She really explains in detail how hearing works and how your individual hearing is. Well worth the trip. A key message that I took away was that if you leave it too late it is harder to treat or fix hearing issues.Thanks Ruhee."

Thank you Dallas! For coming, for supporting local, for supporting me, and being an advocate for early intervention and hearing protection!!

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