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Bluetooth and Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Guide

Bluetooth is an incredible feature added to many new hearing aids, allowing you to stream directly from your phone into your hearing aids and enabling you to go hands free. When your hearing aids aren't connecting, this feature can quickly become incredibly frustrating.

Although it's easy to place the blame on the hearing aids, the problem usually lies with Bluetooth itself and is often easily solved at home. Below are a few solutions you can try.

1. Update the software on your phone. On Android phones this can be found in your system settings under software update, which is usually at the bottom. For iPhones, your software update can be found in your setting under general settings. From here you can see if your phone is up to date or if it needs an update. Also on this page you should have the choice to automatically download software updates so you don't have to check for them in the future.

2. Try turning both your hearing aids and your phone off, then on again. If this doesn't help, try unpairing the hearing aids from your phone and repairing them.

This is done by "forgetting" them from the Bluetooth settings on your phone. This is done by going to your settings and searching for Bluetooth. Under the Bluetooth menu, your hearing aids will show up. They are usually named either as (Your Name) Hearing Aids or the brand name of the hearing aids. Click on these and choose to forget the device.

Once you've done this, restart your hearing aids, or open and close the battery door. They should show up on the list of devices you can connect so you can click on them and repair them.

3. Try deleting the app. Sometimes it's easier to start from scratch and completely delete and redownload the app for your hearing aids.

4. Some people find it difficult to pair while their Wi-Fi is turned on. Try turning your Wi-Fi off while you pair your hearing aids. Alternately, turn Bluetooth off on any other devices, like your tablet while pairing.

5. Are your hearing aids fully charged, or do they have a fresh battery in? Low battery life can prevent your hearing aids from pairing.

Hopefully these steps will help you solve any Bluetooth issues you may have!


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