Balance and Hearing

Did you know impaired hearing could have an impact on balance? Adults with a hearing loss are nearly 3 times as likely to fall compared to normal hearing adults! This occurs because our brains are very busy trying to decipher what is being said, that we direct a lot of our attention to speech and listening rather than balance. Hearing aids allow our brain to find some rest by opening the pathway to hearing, which therefore allows the brain to focus more on balance. Do you feel as though your balance is compromised or you have trouble with dizziness? Book an appointment to check your hearing! #themoreyouknow #facts #hearing #audiology #dizziness #vertigo #balance #hearing #hearingloss #audiol

Happy Thanksgiving 🍂

Its Turkey day! Most importantly it is Thanksgiving, a day for appreciation. Today we are thankful for all our wonderful clients for always being so kind, and putting a great big smile on our faces. It makes our job that easier and enjoyable! We hope everyone fills their tummies with loads of stuffing and turkey and has a wonderful well deserved day with their families! We will see you tomorrow!!!

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